Mercedes Paint Color Library Project

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The Mercedes-Benz Paint Color Library Project is an ever growing resource providing photo examples of exterior paint colors and color code information for Mercedes-Benz cars. If you want to see a particular color on a particular model, this is the place to see it. Read on to see how you can contribute!

The Goal: Each Model, Every Color, Every Year
Over time, we hope to build a complete color library of all Mercedes-Benz exterior colors, but we don’t just want one model representing each color for every different year. We want a photo of each model, in every available color, for every year that color was available. That adds up to a lot of colors and a lot of cars. The Mercedes-Benz Paint Color Library Project is an ambitious one. 

You Can Help – Submit Your Photos!
The only way we can hope to complete the color library as described above is with the help of Mercedes-Market site visitors and subscribers (click here to subscribe to periodic email updates from Mercedes-Market). If you submit a car to be included in the Color Library we will happily credit you for the submission and you will have helped build the ultimate Mercedes-Benz color resource. Submit photos, based on requirements below, via email to: tobin (at) (you’ll actually have to type the email address into your message, this is not a link – to help prevent spam.)

Submission Requirements
Two Separate digital photos – The subject car doesn’t have to be yours, but the photos MUST be!
1 Photo of the car: Ideally a side view or 2/3 front or rear. Please no 3/4 front (too much grille) or straight on front or rear. Be smart about sun placement, light, etc. The entire car must appear, no ‘cutting off bumpers’ etc. Try to take a photo that truly represents the color as it appears in person. Please don’t adjust color levels in photos, just send raw photos, as taken.
2 Photo of the ENTIRE data tag / body tag showing the numerical color code: The paint color code (i.e. 568 H, DB 180, etc.) may be on a data tag with other information or a separate body tag depending upon the model and year. We need the ENTIRE tag, not just a close up of the color code. We may crop as we see fit, but photo submissions must be of the complete tag.
3 Car information: Model and Year – Model – 190 SL, 280 SE 3.5, 450 SLC, whatever. Year – Not the ‘build year’ but the ‘model year’ (example: A 1988 560 SL may have a build date of “10/87” we want the model year of the car, 1988).
4 Photo Credit*: Your Name and Where you Live. Optional info you can include: Is it your car? Where was the photo taken? When was the photo taken?

Upon Submission
We will crop and merge your two photos into one display photo (example at the top of this page) and add a caption with year, model and color information along with photo credit for you. The display photo will then be included in the Mercedes-Benz Paint Color Library and you will have helped build, what we hope will become, the largest Mercedes-Benz color code resource anywhere.

*By submitting your photos you grant all rights to those photos to for publication.

Mercedes Paint Color Library Project

Click any photo with color code and name below to launch that color’s dedicated page.
– Color codes are listed by number only (no letters – i.e. G, H, DB, etc.).
– Any two tone submission is filed under the main body color.

050-white-Mercedes-Paint-ColorMercedes-Paint-Color-122–Pearl-Grey-Metallic-Mercedes-Benz-Paint-Color-Library-Project-Mercedes-Market124-Arabian-Gray-Mercedes-Paint-Color158-White-Grey-Mercedes-Paint-Color-THUMB172-Anthracite-Grey-Metallic-Mercedes-Paint-Color-THUMB173-Gray-Mercedes-Paint-ColorMercedes-Paint-Color-178H-Medium-Grey-Poly-Mercedes-Benz-Paint-Color-Library-Project-Mercedes-Market-thumb199-Black-Pearl-Metallic-Mercedes-Paint-Color-thumb268-Dark-Green-Mercedes-Paint-Color-thumbColor-Library-Mercedes-Color-Code-291-Dark-Olive441-desert-taupe-metallic-Mercedes-Paint-Color-thumb462-Tunis-Beige-Metalllic-Mercedes-Paint-Color-THUMB481-Blackberry-Bornite-Metallic-Mercedes-Paint-Color-thumb512-Almondine-Red-Metallic-Mercedes-Paint-Color-THUMB542-Dark-Red-Mercedes-Paint-Color-thumb568-Signal-Red-Mercedes-Paint-Color-thumb606-Maple-Yellow-Mercedes-Paint-ColorMercedes Color Code 723 Light Ivory681-Manila-Beige-Mercedes-Paint-Color-CodesMercedes Color Code 723 Light IvoryMercedes-Paint-Color-717-Papyrus-White-Mercedes-Benz-Paint-Color-Library-Project-Mercedes-Market735-Astral-Silver-Mercedes-Paint-Color-THUMB737-Classic-White-Mercedes-Paint-ColorMercedes-Paint-Color-740–Pastel-Grey-Mercedes-Benz-Paint-Color-Library-Project-Mercedes-Market834-Moss-Green-Poly-Mercedes-Paint-Color903-Blue-Mercedes-Paint-ColorMercedes-Paint-Color-906-Grey-Blue-Poly-Mercedes-Benz-Paint-Color-Library-Project-Mercedes-Market-Main932-Lapis-Blue-Poly-Mercedes-Paint-Color